Odyssey Educational Foundation

....Brain gain for our digital natives


We train teachers with the 21st century skills to match modern educational theories and instructional strategies


In our robotic programs, we teach our participating STEAM children how to program an autonomous robot to perform challenges.

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About Odyssey Educational Foundation

Odyssey Educational Foundation strives in every positive means to help build a nation where Children can face the challenges ahead of them.

Odyssey as an organization is committed to the improvement of the living standard of Nigerians in general with special interest in the educational sector. We undertake activities in a wide range of areas in education, and they include: Training of teachers, Development of STEM Programs and its Implementation, Women Empowerment, Gender Equality, and Quality Education for the girl child, Child abuse and Domestic Violence prevention mechanism and eradication.

Odyssey Educational Foundation was formed in 2013 with a strong team that cut across the entire profession in the field of STEAM education with a mission to making Nigeria a knowledge- based economy rather than a service economy.

our programs

Our Program is an initiative to ensure that children in public schools receive an enriched learning experience by our team. Our teams are present in these schools on an agreed day and time of the week to teach them Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects.


In our fabricating laboratory we train students on digital fabrication of various types, handling and maintenance of machines. We also do additive manufacturing also known as 3D printing. 


The artificial intelligence (AI) is a mission program to empower children and their families to become leaders and innovators of the future. 
The goal of our AI Program is to help student develop skills that will support them in any filed, expose children to various STEM content areas using engineering design problem solving mechanism.


Technology Entrepreneurship program (Mobile Application and Web Development) is a technology entrepreneurship program for graduates/undergraduates. The program is to develop a robust online/offline skills learning program for graduates/
undergraduates targeting 3% increase on acquired skills.

Also, to equip interns with 21st century skills and create synergy with learned skills to their career courses thereby help reduce undergraduate redundancy by 1% in 2021. 


Teaching kids of different backgrounds elementary programming languages and how to run it.


ROBOTICS as one of our core competencies has been engaged in an intervention program on robotic programming (First Lego League) in all our pilot schools. In our robotic programs, we teach our participating STEAM children how to program an autonomous robot o perform Challenges has have been based on topics such as nanotechnology, climate, and quality of life for the handicapped population, Trash Trek and transportation.

STEM Education​​​​

To promote STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) in our pilot schools.The simplest definition is what it stands for, which is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.